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The New Look ISIC

2019 Brand Refresh: Introducing The New Look ISIC

ISIC is introducing a fresh, modern and stylish new logo and card design as part of a global campaign. The new look will roll out gradually over the course of 2019 & into 2020.

The new card design

The logo features a refreshed colour palette that stays true to its origins, while also embracing a new look and feel. The new ISIC gives cardholders a clear, simple and professional sign of membership and belonging to a global community.

ISIC card duo personalised 500x271


Important information

  • There will be a transition period where both old and new cards will be available on the market and it will be for quite some time. It is important for all benefit partners globally to be able to recognise both card designs to provide your benefit to cardholders.

  • Please see this PDF for more information about the new ISIC card design & how to distinguish and validate authentic ISIC, IYTC & ITIC cards.
  • Your current card design and any supporting posters/banners are all still valid, accurate and recognized. Please keep continue card issuing as you are doing now.  ISIC Japan will contact you when the time comes to update any items and will work with you to determine a suitable time frame.  


If you have any questions, please send us an email


Extra: see the card in action in the below video from the ISIC Global Office