ISIC Japan

Facts & Figures


International Student Identity Card

Year created 


Created by 

The Dutch and Norwegian national student unions, at the International Student Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark (1953)

Organisation that governs the ISIC 

The ISIC card is owned and governed by the non-profit ISIC Association. The ISIC Association has its seat in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is founding member Association of the non-profit World Youth, Student Educational Travel Confederation (WYSETC). In Japan, the ISIC Association is represented exclusively bu 'ISIC Japan'.

Number of issuing countries 


 Annual ISIC card distribution worldwide


ISIC Card validity cycle 

Each ISIC card is valid for one year.

ISIC Card eligibility 

Students engaged in full-time higher, vocational or tertiary education and students in full-time secondary education.

ISIC Card eligibility 

Students must be a minimum of 12 years old to be eligible. There is no upper age limit for an ISIC card.


 Number of discount partners worldwide


Number of discount locations worldwide 


Cost of an ISIC card in Japan 

1,750 Yen

Average saving per ISIC cardholder per year 

10,700 Yen