ISIC Association

The ISIC Association is a non-profit membership organisation. Association members are the organisations that hold the exclusive license to distribute, promote and develop the ISIC card within their territory or country. The ISIC Association is administered and managed at a global level by ISIC Global Office B.V., based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Each year the ISIC Association hold their Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the annual ISIC Event, where the ISIC Association Board and ISIC Global Office report to the national member organisations on achievements, developments, strategy and finances.

ISIC Constitution and Convention
A non-profit organisation, the ISIC Association is governed by the rules set out in the ISIC Association Constitution and Convention. The Constitution details the rules and principles of the ISIC Association and aims to protect the rights of all members. The Convention documents the agreed rules, practices and use of the ISIC card. All ISIC Association members organisations can vote on changes to the Constitution and Convention and are eligible for election to the ISIC Association Board.

ISIC Association Board
The ISIC Association Board is elected by the ISIC Association national member organisations at the Annual General Meeting. Board member terms are rotated, meaning only five new Board members are elected each year for a two year term on the ten-member board, to allow for consistency and a gradual transition between Board member terms. The Chair of the Board is elected annually by the ISIC Board members. The ISIC Association Board oversees the management of the ISIC Association, and ultimately the ISIC card. The Board's role is largely to provide oversight and strategic direction for the ISIC program worldwide.

World Youth Student & Educational Confederation
The ISIC Association is a founding and engaged member of the World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation, (WYSE Travel Confederation) the non-profit organisation that brings together world-leading specialists in student and youth travel services. This membership symbolises the important historical and future role of the ISIC Association in the efforts to lower barriers to travel for students.

ISIC Japan
In Japan, the non-profit ISIC Association is represented exclusively by 'ISIC Japan'. ISIC Japan has its seat in Shinjuku, Tokyo, from where it manages the national distribution network and coordinates the strategic developments of the ISIC card in Japan.

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